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  1. The Vision and Mission of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria is to partner with  the government in the protection of lives and properties in every Community in Benue State and Nigeria at large.
  2. To lias with all Security Agencies in the State and Nigeria to provide useful  and intelligent security report that shall facilitate the tracking down of  criminal elements operating in every Community
  3. To engage the services of retired Security Men and Women who are strong  and active and can help in the control of crime, violence and terrorism and  other communal clashes that are capable of creating unrest and disunity in  the local Communities
  4. To engage the services of active youths who could possibly be involved in  criminal activities in their Communities and could also be used by desperate Politicians to carry out thurgry that often leads to violence, destructions of  properties, killings and disunity among Members of the public. 
  5. To give the local people who are regarded as idle people a sense of  belonging and the privilege to provide useful services to their father land
  6. To encourage unity, peace and progress among people, make the work of all other Security operatives in the State easy by providing security coverage to  Local Government Chairmen, Traditional rulers, Religious Leaders and  Schools that wishes to engage the services of our Group in their places.